Deputy Conference Director – Production NY New York, United States $90,000+ Bonus ($120,000)

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  •   New York

Deputy Conference Director – Production NY

New York, United States

$90,000+ Bonus ($120,000)


The Role…

The Deputy Director role is a fantastic next step for an experienced and talented Conference Producer. The focus is to broaden the individual’s experience through the generation of brand new conference topics and new portfolios, the strategic growth of events and also people management initiatives. This job will begin with an intensive coaching and training period, for approximately 6-12 months, inclusive of producing events, researching and vetting brand new conference topics, mentoring junior producers and shadowing a Division Director. Once established within the team as a figure head, the role will move into the people development of the team, taking on event and portfolio management as well.


Starting your own business unit…

The ability to launch new product portfolios, under the management of the Managing Director, will be a key component of this position. Therefore, the right candidate will step into this role with a passion for starting their own business unit, uniquely driven to develop new portfolios.


People Development Focus…

– This role requires a strong product focus combined with the interpersonal skills to hire, train and develop new producers whilst producing their own portfolio of events whilst hiring and managing 1-2 producers.

– This role is intended to support the continued growth of an existing profitable division, giving the Division Director the support necessary to grow from 3/4 to 5/6 active producers.


Role Requirements…

– Produce a portfolio of events, the number of which will be set in correlation to the number of producers being managed

– Topic generate / verify repeat and launch events for themselves and producers under their mentorship; The Managing Director may also feed topics into this portfolio and will approve all topics before scheduling

– Manage personal and producer’s product execution, maintaining product quality, lead-times and productivity.

– Successfully hire, develop and retain new producers


Portfolio Development Focus:

– This strategic role is most suited to someone with a strong product focus and entrepreneurial outlook who is capable of developing and sustaining strong industry based knowledge and relationships.

– Taking complete responsibility for their event portfolio the person is required to build standard events into major industry annuals, identify new launch event opportunities for the company and deepen external industry relationships.


Experience… Minimum of 2 years of conference production experience & possess a Bachelor’s degree


Career Benefits…

Career progression and development support with clear pathways both upwards and across departments

*International company with opportunities to transfer abroad

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Conference Production

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