Conference Production & Content Manager Remote, U.S. Based “Customised Events, Roundtables & Workshops” $Up to 55000+ Profit Share + Benefits

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Conference Production & Content Manager

Remote, U.S. Based

“Customised Events, Roundtables & Workshops”

$Up to 55000+ Profit Share + Benefits


My Client…

Is globally renowned for producing global conferences, custom events and content for a cross-industry audience of executives with roles in: data, analytics, data science, digital transformation, marketing, finance, learning, customer experience, and more.


Job Description

You will be responsible for the timeline of the client’s journey: the research, planning, organisation and on-site management of their event, serving C-Level professionals in the data, analytics, digital and innovation space. Exhibiting an entrepreneurial flair, an eye for detail, business research acumen and project management skills.


Key Responsibilities

  • Producing a targeted number of profitable custom business events for the business, including bespoke client conferences, roundtables and
  • Project leading custom Roundtable and Workshop events, ensuring clear and organised communication with both the marketing and operations teams to ensure smooth event campaign and onsite
  • Working directly with the client to understand their product, solution, and expertise, and research their industry and competitive landscape through desktop
  • Developing and articulating, engaging and thought-leading event agendas, websites, marketing copy and talking points for each individual private
  • Creating original and innovative marketing copy, as well as online content to support promotional campaigns.
  • Inviting, confirming and managing executive level private event attendees, speakers, and moderators for each private roundtable or workshop
  • Nurturing relationships pre-event with confirmed private event attendees to understand their goals and drivers for attending a client’s private event. Using this information, in collaboration with the client, to create content and incentives that mitigate attrition and increase
  • Managing event on-site (potentially on an international basis), ensuring the smooth execution of events as well as networking with senior business leaders for future engagement and


Key Competencies

  • Enthusiastic self-starter with excellent initiative, strong work ethic and ‘can do’ attitude.
  • Confident and effective communicator, with an ability to quickly create rapport and build relationships.
  • Entrepreneurial flair with business acumen, reflected in an ability to maintain budgetary control as well build commercially appealing and result-driven products.
  • Exceptional organisational and time management skills; able to balance multiple tasks, effectively prioritise and meet deadlines
  • Calm under pressure and able to think quickly and rationally when confronted with any type of challenge.
  • Able to collect, understand and utilise large amounts of complex information from varied sources.
  • Advanced level of written communication skills, with the ability to create professional and engaging agendas, copy and content.



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